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Growing organic garlic

With all the rain and wild weather we have experienced last week we have decided pay the garlic farm a visit. I was quite nervous, eagerly waiting to see if there is anything at all coming out of the ground. Just 2 weeks after we planted around 13kg of organic garlic the cows broke the fence and had a “disco” on our tiny plot of land. Now, this farm offers around 25ha of beautiful green grass but they chose our 80sqm patch.┬áLuckily the garlic hasn’t had a chance to root yet but I could see some cloves sitting on top of the sugar cane mulch. Undamaged cloves were put back in the ground and garden beds were replenished with more mulch. Not a good start and now the flash flooding and all, you can understand why the nervousness!┬áBack to the wild weather, the rain has raised the water levels significantly. I use an irrigation water pump that I store about 2m above the creek and found it completely submerged. Looking at the bright side at least I won’t have to water for a while! It has been more challenging then I thought it would be but I LOVE it and hoping to double the crop next year! Despite the cows stampede the garlic is coming along nicely, fingers crossed!

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