Fresh pork sausage

Fresh Pork Czaba sausages

This recipe and ingredients are based on 10 kg of raw meat. My day starts by choosing the fresh meat from a wholesale meat supplier. If I’m making more than one product I’d buy the whole side of the pig (pork belly, no ribs, about 8-9kg). The meat is sometimes quite lean so I’d add some back fat as well, it depends on your taste. But a great sausage should have the right ratio of fat and meat so the sausages are not dry!

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2 – 3 kg pork belly
6 – 7 kg pork shoulder
1.8 – 2 % total weight salt
50 g sweet paprika
2 whole chillies (of your choice)
50 g garlic
20 g ground caraway seeds
10 g whole caraway seeds
10 g black peppercorns
Pork natural casings

The meat is inspected and cleaned of any left over bones or membranes, cut up into pieces and minced up with a 8mm plate. The meat is then transferred to a container that can comfortably hold your mixture and allows you to freely mix all of the ingredients with the spices and herbs. At this stage I would also look at the ratio of meat and fat. Once you have thoroughly mixed the mixture (15 – 20 min) leave it to rest, or get straight onto filling. Personally I prefer to fry a small patty of the meat mixture to check the taste and I’d adjust seasoning accordingly. When I am happy with the taste and texture I would start getting the hog natural casings ready. The casings are stored in salt therefore they need to be washed twice. Only after that I’d get onto making the actual sausages. When the sausages are ready I’d hang them on oak sticks in a cool room overnight to dry out a bit and package or smoke them the next day.